Doctoral training


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Doctoral training follows graduation cycles in higher education and training.

Its purpose is to train in the fields of higher education and training, research, expertise and senior management in the various sectors of economic and social life.

  1. PhD thesis defenses in Sciences and D of the LMD (not concerned by the decree n ° 547 of June 2, 2016)

Variant 1:

A publication in a scientific journal (category A + or A) indexed in the Thomson Reuters database (review with impact factor greater than zero).

Variant 2:

A publication in a scientific journal (category B - SCOPUS, (list published by DGRSDT) with a Scopago Journal Rank SCOPUS greater than 0.1 at the date of submission of the article) and an international communication indexed in a recognized or well-organized base by one of the international scientific associations (IAHS *, FRIEND *, WASER *, IAHR *, IAH *, CIGB * ....).

Conditions Inherent to Publication


Doctoral Thesis Defenses D-LMD

The criteria of support are in conformity with the provisions of the decree n ° 547 of June 2nd, 2016, fixing the modalities of organization of the formation of the third cycle and the conditions of preparation and defenses of doctoral thesis (students registered from of the academic year 2016/2017) according to the following grid:

1- The thesis: Original research work (100 pts)

2- Training (30 pts):

3 - Scientific work (minimum 50 pts)

Nb: The deposit of certificates of acceptance and participation in scientific events is mandatory

List of Acronyms

* IAHS: International Association of Hydrological Sciences

* FRIEND: Water Initiative - International Research Program of UNESCO-PHI Water

* WASER: World Association for Sedimentation and Erosion Research

* IAHR: International Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research

* IAH: International Association of Hydrogeologists

* CIGB: International Committee of Large Dams