the association of ENSH graduates

01 March 2020

On Saturday February 29, 2020, the association of ENSH graduates was created as well as the election of the office composed of the following members:

1- President: OUFELLA Omar

2- 1st Vice-President: TOUIL Youcef

3- 2nd Vice-President: MAHIEDDINE Mohamed

4- Secretary general: YAHIAOUI Samir

5- Secretary general assistant : HAMADENE Amine

6- Treasurer: ZAIBAK Issam

7- Treasurer assistant : BENDALI BRAHAM Islam

8-   Member :   KHATTAOUI Mohammed

9-   Member :   BETTAHER KHELLIL

10- Member :   HARFOUF Mustapha

11- Member :   BENDJEDDOU Haroun

12- Member :   MOUHOUB Lina

13- Member :   GHEZALI Sanaa

14- Member :   HANNACHI Mohamed

15- Member :   CHERCHAR Hamza


The five remaining members will be chosen later from the second list of candidates by the members of the elected office.




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